Better for you, better for the Earth

We're committed to keeping New Zealand green. Wafer Painting Green helps provide beautiful eco-friendly products and affordable, sustainable services that are safer for our community and kinder to the Earth.

A 30-year painting business committed to sustainability

As the effects of climate change becomes more prevalent, many Kiwis are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and support a cleaner Earth. Choosing an eco-friendly painting company with the same values is one way to work toward making a positive impact on the environment. That's why Wafer Painting Green is committed to offering you the safest and best painting products for your projects.

Healthy for our residential and commercial clients

As Accredited GreenPainters, we help both residential and commercial clients go green - and we do it in a way that guarantees your satisfaction. After a project is completed, you receive a GreenPainters Five-Year Warranty in addition to our standard 5 year Master Painter's guarantee. On top of that, the paints you select have their own warranties, which range from 10 to 25 years. Guarantees are an important part of our business, and we do everything we can to give you peace of mind.

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    Request quote

    Call or conveniently request a quote online to get started on your project. Our team will provide you with an estimate based on your needs and preferences, and outline the ways in which we'll work to reduce environmental impact.

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    Environmentally responsible, quality-focused painting

    We take an eco-friendly approach wherever possible. From the clean-green paint options we offer, to the way we minimise water and dispose of waste, we're always diligently looking after the health of our planet.

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    Beautiful results that last

    Our eco-friendly recommendations are designed for long-lasting beauty and durability. Each product comes with its own customer warranty, ensuring you get peace of mind. Not only will your new paint job be better for your health and better for our planet, but you'll also get to enjoy it for years to come.

Our vision

Better for your health
Better for the Earth

With over 30 years of experience, Wafer Painting understands how to put you first - especially when it comes to your health. We take our responsibility as accredited GreenPainters seriously, and through our reputable partnerships and status as a Resene Eco.Decorator, our team lets you choose from a variety of safe, completely organic paints. Better for you, better for the environment.

Committed to sustainable work principles and practices for every client

We don't just use low VOC or 100% natural products made from renewable or highly abundant resources. We also apply them in an environmentally responsible manner, following sustainable principles. Our team minimizes its carbon impact by cutting and offsetting emissions as much as possible, and championing eco-friendly products like completely organic paints.


Accredited and Experienced GreenPainters

As accredited GreenPainters, we believe in the power of eco-friendly painting. Tens of millions of buildings are painted every year - what if instead of using harsh chemicals and engaging in poor environmental management, we took it as an opportunity to do better? From water minimization, to correct waste disposal practices, to proper recycling, we have the experience to help you achieve your goals - and do it in a way that keeps our planet healthy and beautiful.


Promoting products made from reusable resources

Our mission is to make homes and businesses healthier through eco-friendly painting, and we love giving our clients the opportunity to use completely natural, organic paints where they can. That's why, for no-petrol options, we partner with industry-leading providers like Natural Paint Co. Natural Paint Co provides our customers with:

  • Paint made from plants - not petrol
  • Durable, washable products that stand the test of time
  • Local, NZ-based products


Wafer Painting Green is committed to protecting your health

A common misconception with going green is that you have to compromise on quality, durability, or color performance. In reality, each of these are as good (or better) when you go green. Natural paints create fewer fumes while drying, reducing the risk of health-related side effects. Additionally, their colours are just as vibrant as traditional paints, and they keep a low odour profile that minimizes your discomfort.

Efficient and environmentally friendly commercial painting 🌞

Wafer Painting has extensive experience in both residential and commercial painting projects. We understand the increasing pressures the construction industry faces to move toward more sustainable builds and to use eco-preferable products in their specifications. As Accredited GreenPainters, we are trained to advise you on making the best choice for your next painting project.

In particular, the eco-friendly products we use:

  • Can help you increase the energy efficiency of your building
  • Can cut up to 50% off AC costs
  • Can offset carbon emissions
  • Are healthier for children, babies, and people with respiratory ailments
  • Smell better, and are overall more convenient to use in businesses and homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Write to our support team.

What does the term “a GreenPainter” mean?

Being a GreenPainter means we are qualified to provide advice on eco-preferable paints and products. We understand sustainability and can offer you sustainable solutions for your next painting project. Our team is committed to providing eco-friendly products and services that are safer for our community and kinder to the Earth, both because we feel strongly about protecting it, and because we know it leads to better direct results for our customers.

Does painting with eco-friendly materials really make a difference?

Absolutely. Normal painting can be a very environmentally damaging process. Paint releases harmful chemicals and solvents which can leach into the air and water. On top of their environmental impacts, these chemicals can cause respiratory problems, such as asthma, lung illness, and headaches. Using eco-friendly paints can significantly relieve these issues, and they're also more pleasant and enjoyable to be around during the painting process.

Will I have to leave my home when it’s getting painted?

An added benefit of working with Wafer Painting Green, and choosing the 100% natural paint option is that you'll get to stay in your home where it's comfortable and familiar for the family.

What makes you an eco friendly painting company?

We believe firmly that taking an eco-friendly approach is superior for both direct environmental reasons, and also because it improves customer health and your experience. We minimize water usage, dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly manner, and recycle wherever possible to keep our planet healthy. In addition, through our partnerships with industry-leading eco-friendly painting companies, our team makes hundreds of completely natural, petrol-free paints available to our customers. You can also choose from hundreds of low-VOC or no-VOC options to fit every need.

How do I know you provide safe and healthy painting products?

As Accredited GreenPainters, we can offer guarantees that few others can match. Upon project completion, you receive a GreenPainters Five-Year Warranty in addition to our standard 5 year Master Painter's guarantee. On top of that, the paints you select have their own warranties, which range from 10 to 25 years (depending on the product). Our goal is to make you feel safe, comfortable, and fully in control of the painting process.

What do I need to get started with you?

Just give us a call, or request a quote here! Our team of experts will help you choose the right paint for your home and walk you through the entire process. We make it easy and affordable for you to go green.

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The Future is Green 🌱

Go green. Invest in your health, protect the environment, and ease your conscience, with Wafer Painting Green.

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